Our Associations

Save the Children International

Save the Children International

Save the Children comprises Save the Children International and 30 member organisations working to deliver change for children in around 120 countries.

Save the Children International delivers our programmes internationally to ensure we achieve the greatest possible impact for children. We have a small centre and five regional offices.

Our members work together to campaign for better outcomes for children, and to deliver programmes at scale to support children.


United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural
Organization (UNESCO)

UNESCO has long endorsed our project and has agreed to distribute the approved products to its 7500 educational facilities throughout the world. UNESCO has been given the task by the United Nations of coordinating efforts to implement the U.N Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. They believe that the Earth Charter CD/educational kit is an important way to deliver the message to children. UNESCO will distribute the international CD and educational kit through its networks of offices, associated clubs, schools (7500 schools in 143 countries), and partners worldwide.

United Nations Environmental Program

United Nations Environmental

Pour la Terre proudly received the endorsement of the United Nations Environmental Program in February of 2007. The mission of UNEP is to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

Pour La Terre

Pour La Terre

Association Pour la Terre, a French non-profit association since 2001, is dedicated to preserving and protecting our planet through active participation in projects ranging from hands on environmental protection to educating impressionably aged children in principles of Sustainable Development, through tree-planting and water protection events, and through the production of CDs with related songs and School Kits, as part of UNESCO's Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Pour la Terre proudly received the endorsement of the United Nations Environmental Program in February of 2007.



Kids4Trees is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions to Kids4Trees are tax deductible.


Kids4Trees is proud and pleased to announce the organization of a special Olympian educational and artistic national tree-planting program for young students and Scouts in over a dozen US Forests and major cities in partnership with the World Olympians Association and United States Olympians Association in furtherance of their commitment to the protection of the environment, exemplified by their dedicated participation with, and encouragement of, positive goals, exercise outdoors, and proper nutrition. See our latest newsletter for detailed schedule. Our first program with schools in low income Putnam County, Georgia, with the Oconee National Forest was a great success.  Nearly 1500 elementary school children participated February 1-3 in environmental workshops, sang environmental/tree songs, were given tree saplings home for re-planting and care, and inspired by medal winning Olympians Mel Pender, Kevin Young, and Bryan Jacob. Each student also received a 50 page forestry booklet the Investi-Gator, donated by the Natural Inquirer (Forest Service). Also, thank you to Grant County, Oregon, and author Melanie R. Dundy for the generous donation of 8000 copies of Forests for All books and coloring books, Kids4Trees, a national participating partner with the USDA Forest Service, produces forest education and tree-planting events in national forests, state parks, and urban/rural schools for 6-12 year-old students and Scouts, with the participation of Olympic athletes thanks to our international partner World Olympians Association – including forest information books, student art displays/competitions, and tree songs from our specially produced, California Department of Education approved, multilingual Kids4Trees CD. Kids4Trees has been endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Billion Tree Campaign, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), United Nations Association (San Francisco), OAK (Outdoor Alliance for Kids), National Wildlife Federation, Children&Nature Network, Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, For the Forests, California Department of Education, Girl and Boy Scouts and many others. Kids4Trees is dedicated to providing, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service and in association with local community organizations, free outdoor environmental education and planting programs and events, which include related forest information kits, music, children’s concerts, and environmental art.

The Watershed

The Watershed

Created for Humanitarian purposes and as a non governmental organization “The Watershed” thanks to its relationship with the Swiss company Seas offers superior solutions to water problems in environmentally challenged areas of our planet in an efficient, green, and sustainable way.

The Watershed engineers and provides sustainable water solutions, even for free, based upon Seas’ standard or ad hoc systems. These Seas systems solutions can be managed directly by whomever receives it. The Seas integrated water making machine produces drinking and distilled water and provides by products such as thermal energy, which can be reused for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and dehumidification purposes. It is an innovative process which can be fitted with an integrated bottling system, powered by diesel or gas generators; as well as alternative energy sources such as solar energy, wind power, and other renewable energy sources.